About Myrmid.com

Myrmid Website Concepts was founded in February 2001 as a hosting service, but we've been around since 1997 making websites of personal interest. We have received many awards ranging from "site of the day" to YAHOO.com "pick of the week" in 1999. Our "pick of the week" averaged over 5000 hits/day and was one of the most popular cartoon websites on the internet!

::Web Design
We've been our of the web designing part for over a year, but we are making our comeback for Myrmid. Our staff will be able to create for you a site that will make a grand presence on the internet. We currently use Dreamweaver 4.0 as our HTML editor of choice and we are experienced in overhauling established websites to make them more presentable. If you are interested in this service, please contact our design team by clicking the contact link above.

Currently on 2 servers located in Texas and California, we are ready to expand to our 3rd server this summer! Each server connects on 100Mbps burstable ports over an OC network by Level 3, Williams, Time Warner, Cogent, etc. Our servers are monitored 24-7 by NoC technicians that can be reached via e-mail or phone when needed in case of server stoppage or other problems. If you are interested in more of our services, don't hesistate to contact us