If you are just a person that is interested in a nice personal page or if you are a large corporation that needs a dedicated server with high speed connection to serve the needs of your customers, Myrmid Website Concepts is here to offer all our services to the most important person to us: the customer.


Virtual Hosting Plans

Plan Name   250   500  
Price (per month) $10.99 $17.99
Serv. Charge (1-time) $2.50 $5
Subdomains or Domains? 1 1
HD Space (MB) 250 500
Transfer/month (GB) 3 7
FTP accts? 3 5
CGI-bin, PHP, Frontpage, SSI? yes! yes!
MySQL database? yes! yes!
Backup/restore? yes! yes!
Virtual Plan server specs Pentium 3 1 GHz, Redhat Linux 7.2, 512MB RAM, 100Mbps port, 24-7 monitored by colo staff