Welcome to the new and improved Myrmid Website Concepts! We are dedicated to making your presence on the internet as presentable as possible.

If you are just a person that is interested in a nice personal page or if you are a large corporation that needs a dedicated server with high speed connection to serve the needs of your customers, Myrmid Website Concepts is here to offer all our services to the most important person to us: the customer.

We offer several packages for the consumer as well as dedicated servers for those who need more space, bandwidth, and flexibility with their service. If you do not like our packages, create your own and we'll give you a decent price quote for the specificed request. To see what each webhosting package contains, click the name of the package!

We host popular and small sites. With backbones on 100Mbps connections based in Texas and California, you will have a nice and fast connection that will serve the demands of your mass downloaders of files, HTML sites, and even forums!

After you sign up for services, email our sales department with your username, password, and subdomain (or domain) you wish to use with us. A representative should contact you within 24 hours once the order has been confirmed and that you have sent a response to sales!


Myrmid Personal++

100 MB Space
2 GB bandwidth
1 user/FTP/email account

$1 setup

Only $5.99/month

Myrmid 250++

350 MB Space
10 GB bandwidth
3 user/FTP/email accounts
1 domain hosted*
PHP, Perl, 1 SQL DB


$2 setup

Only $8.99/month

Myrmid 500++

750 MB Space
20 GB bandwidth
10 user/FTP/email accounts
3 domains hosted*
PHP, Perl, 2 SQL DBs


$4 setup

Only $14.99/month


* Domains hosted are the amount of domains/subdomains that you can host with Myrmid